About Us

Equity 24, LLC is a real estate investment, and capital advisory company that provides high-net-worth individuals, family offices, qualified plan investors, and investment management companies with capital advisory services and opportunities to make investments in real estate with attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Equity 24, LLC  maintains an extensive database of hundreds of capital sources that lend and make investments across the capital stack, including debt funds, banks, insurance companies, CMBS lenders, private lenders and foreign investment companies. With an in depth understanding of the capital markets and structured finance, Equity 24 is equipped to determine the optimum capital structure and implement a competitive process to achieve the lowest cost of capital for its clients properties or projects.

Regarding investments, Equity 24, LLC takes an opportunistic and creative approach to the market seeking to develop or acquire properties that are off of the radar of the larger institutional investment groups, where there is less competition and where greater returns can be achieved. It is able to source and effectively analyze opportunities by drawing on the principal’s broad based real estate background in the real estate industry and through its extensive and long standing relationships in the industry.

The principal of Equity 24, LLC over 30 years of experience spanning a broad range of real estate disciplines including, acquisition, analysis, due diligence, property management, capital formation, asset management, brokerage, leasing, lending, and land planning with aggregate transaction value in excess of $500 million.

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